Recent News About Erythritol and Cardiovascular Disease

Recently, there has been media coverage regarding the potential link between erythritol and cardiovascular disease. As a team, we take these reports very seriously and have reviewed the study in-depth, including its limitations and how the information was distorted in the news.

The Nature study found that individuals with higher levels of erythritol in their blood had more heart problems than those with lower levels. However, the study had some limitations that are important to note.

  • Firstly, the study did not measure how much erythritol people were actually consuming, but only measured levels of erythritol in their blood.
  • Secondly, to confirm their findings, the researchers gave a very small group of participants a high amount of erythritol to consume, which is not reflective of typical consumption levels.
  • Finally, the study only found a correlation between high levels of blood erythritol and cardiovascular events, and it is well-known that correlation does not always equal causation.

Unfortunately, the media sensationalized the findings and reported that erythritol sweetener may increase the risk of heart attacks and stroke, which is misleading.

It is important to note that the average person consumes excessive amounts of sugar, which contributes to cardiovascular disease and other health issues.

The body converts glucose, fructose, and starch into erythritol, which is different from the erythritol consumed through sweeteners.

Blood erythritol is a marker of a high-sugar diet, which is known to lead to cardiovascular disease, and oxidative stress may also cause elevated erythritol levels.

It is also important to note that other studies have found potential benefits of erythritol, such as being non-caloric, non-glycemic, antioxidant, and beneficial for oral health.

As a company, we continually monitor the latest research and adjust our products accordingly to meet those findings. Based on our review, we have concluded that the small amount of erythritol in our products is safe and healthy.

Our customers' health and wellbeing are our top priority, and we would never do anything to compromise that.